Edmondson Style Ticket Printing

OUR AIM is to produce traditional Edmondson style card tickets to a good standard at a competitive price.

WE SPECIALISE in short runs for which mechanised printing is uneconomic. If you need over 500 tickets it will be more economical to use another organisation which employs a mechanised system. We co-operate with Bell Ticket Printing who specialise in larger quantities. Click on their page above for more details.


Lamination - computer generated 21 tickets to an A4 sheet, cut to size and pasted to traditional ticket board. This is suitable for short runs of complicated designs and the end result is very uniform.

Letterpress - hand set type, printed on one of our Adana machines. This is suitable for shorter or longer runs and has the advantage of avoiding the cost of producing a plate. The traditional method, most suitable for simpler designs and tickets not often required.

Plate print - computer generated plates are produced which are printed on one of our Adana machines. This is suitable for longer runs, complicated designs and frequently required tickets.

OUR MATERIALS - we use traditional ticket board. The tickets are 57 x 30.5 mm and 0.8 mm thick. The tickets are available in white, lilac, pink, blue, buff, yellow and green. Stripes in various colours and combinations are produced using felt nibs.

FORMAT - most of our tickets have been produced in a horizontal format as single coupon or one piece tickets. We can also produce in a vertical format or as two piece coupon tickets and we have even done a few three section tickets for travel to and from an event and the event itself.

NUMBERING - all our tickets are numbered in the range 0000 to 9999 in accordance with the UK standard for Edmondson tickets. Three styles are available and for less than 1000 tickets a three figure variation can be specified.

DOUBLE SIDED PRINTING is not usually offered as the card is not really suitable and satisfactory results cannot be guaranteed.