Chris White Edmondson Style Ticket Printing

Here are notes about a few other printers of traditional card tickets:

Bell Ticket Printing offers design and print services: e-mail for details

Severn Valley Railway

West Somerset Railway

Bluebell Railway

Imprimerie Artisanale, Lausanne

Aeschbacher of Worb, Switzerland prints tickets and supplies blank cards

Swanage Railway has the Göbel printing machine, formerly used by Booths at Hull, at Corfe Castle station

Isle of Wight Railway - see page below and scroll down it for pictures of the printing machine.

Mildean Press, Victoria, Australia

Pat Geall offers machine printing: e-mail for details

JHMD - Kamenice nad Lipou in the Czech Republic. An excellent demonstration of producing tickets with a Göbel machine.  - also see page below within still pictures but more detail of the process.

A film of the Great Western Railway ticket printing operation in the 1930's, using a Waterlow machine at the GWR offices near Paddington Station, London.


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