Chris White Edmondson Style Ticket Printing

Bell Ticket Printing

We provide an Edmondson ticket printing service for railways, vintage buses and so on. Large quantities are our speciality.

We use good quality card with a choice of eight colours, single or double sided, with a finished size of 57 x 30mm. Tickets can be supplied un-numbered or numbered using four or five digits.

Art work and and printing plates are needed before printing can start and a separate plate is needed for each side of the ticket, so double sided tickets need two plates. Once the plates have been produced they will last for several years and we can produce thousands of tickets from each plate.

We produce most of the artwork in house if is is text, a scanned drawing or similar: there is no extra charge for this service, unless very complicated designs are requested.

Turnaround is about three or four weeks depending on your requirements.

Please contact us to request a quotation or for further information.